Summerhill College


Chaplaincy in the College of the Immaculate Conception, Summerhill, Sligo is about being there for all in the school community; staff, students and their families.

The chaplain is available to people of all denominations and accordingly will supply a pastoral care service to all in the school community.

The chaplain is observant and aims to be sensitive to the needs of others as far as possible.

This is achieved primarily through meeting students on a one to one basis and in small groups. This is done formally and informally with a view to being available to them as a faith presence, to listen to them and to address their pastoral and spiritual needs.

The chaplain ensures that the characteristic spirit of the school, reflecting the schools mission statement, finds expression in faith formation as well as pastoral, liturgical, and school outreach activities.

The chaplain exercises their role by:
a) Personal contact with individual students,
b) Access to class and small groups,
c) Provision of Liturgical functions,
d) Responding to the day to day pastoral needs of the students and staff
e) Recreational, cultural and outreach activities.

Open Door Policy

The chaplain's door is open to all in the school community; students, staff and their families. The chaplain is privileged to operate with a unique code of confidentiality, which is respected by the school. This allows the chaplain to offer pastoral guidance and care in a sensitive way.

The chaplain works closely with the Guidance Counsellor, the Home School Liaison Officer, the Principal, the Deputy Principal, Year Heads, class tutors and RE teachers. Students may be referred to the chaplain and special support will be given to students experiencing problems.

At times another support person may be of help to the student, and with permission, the student may be referred to that support person. Parents/Guardians are contacted when necessary.

If you are experiencing problems or difficulties, want to have a chat, and you need someone to listen, please feel free to ring or email the school to schedule an appointment with the Chaplain.