Summerhill College

Career Guidance

School Guidance and Counselling:

Guidance and counselling refers to a range of learning experiences provided in a developmental sequence, designed to assist students to make choices about their lives and to make transitions to these choices. These may be categorised into three distinct but interlinked areas:
Personal and social

Students make significant transitions and decisions while at school. These include the transition from primary to secondary school, transition to senior level, decisions relating to selection of programmes at senior level, subject choices, vocational choices and transition to third level education. Guidance activities that assist students make informed choices, take place through individual consultation or in group or class settings as follows Assessment using psychometric instruments and inventories
Career information (guidance classes, interviews with guidance counsellor, visits from third level institutions and training agencies etc., attendance at career events.Œ)
Use of information technology
Personal counselling
Personal and social developmental programmes


Aims of Career Guidance

Provide a framework for the delivery of the schools guidance programme
Ensures a structured response to students personal, social, educational and career guidance needs
The plan needs to provide for the diverse needs of all students both junior and senior.
The plan will include all guidance activities: classroom sessions, Vocational Guidance Interviews, attendance at career exhibitions, open days etc., meeting with management, support agencies etc., personal counselling etc.


Objectives of the Guidance Programme:

Develop awareness and acceptance of students talents and abilities
Identify and explore opportunities
Grow in independence and take personal responsibility
Make informed choices.

The Guidance Programme is delivered by the Guidance Counsellor who is professionally trained but a whole school approach is essential to realise the above objectives. Year Heads, Class Tutors, the school Chaplain, class teachers and programmes co-ordinators all play and important role. A comprehensive Pastoral Care policy is implemented in Summerhill College, consisting of a pastoral care team which meets regularly and well as a pastoral care committee which meets weekly. The Guidance Counsellor is a member of this committee.

A holistic approach to Guidance provision is essential to ensure all students have access to appropriate Guidance (9 (C) Education Act.1998).