Summerhill College

Special Education Needs

The College of the Immaculate Conception, Summerhill is constantly striving to be a welcoming and inclusive place for all. To be truly inclusive, the school must reflect the community that it serves, in all its diversity. This involves the fullest possible inclusion of students with special educational needs. The Board of Management of the college set up a designated expert subcommittee to ensure that students in Summerhill receive the support they need to promote their educational development.

Aims of SEN:

1. The aim of SEN is to enable all students to belong to an educational community without prejudice and within which individual difference is celebrated.
2. To encourage every student to achieve to the highest degree possible, according to his potential.
3. To ensure the same quality of educational experience for all students, irrespective of ability or need and ensure that all have access to a broad and balanced curriculum commensurate with their talents and abilities.
4. The school must acknowledge the right of each member of the school community to enjoy school in a secure environment, both physical and psychological.
5. That children with disabilities leave school with the skills necessary to participate in an inclusive way in society and to live independent and fulfilled lives.
6. The overall aim of the ASD resource centre is the inclusion and integration of students into mainstream classes.
7. The priority should be to provide learning-support programmes for the students with low achievement and learning difficulties. The principal aim of learning support is to optimise the teaching and learning process in order to enable pupils with learning difficulties to achieve adequate levels of proficiency in literacy and numeracy.

In addition to this aim, subsidiary aims are:

8. To enable the students to participate in the curriculum for their year.
9. To develop positive self-esteem and positive attitudes about school and learning in these students.
10. To enable students to monitor their own learning and become independent learners.
11. To provide supplementary teaching and additional support and resources for these students in English and Mathematics and other subjects when resources permit.
12. To involve parents in supporting their childrenق€™s learning through effective parent-support programmes.
13. To promote collaboration among teachers in the implementation of whole-school policies on learning support for these students.

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